Being a Grandfather (Pop Pop) Changes Everything!

2 03 2009

Sorry about the blogging sabbatical. Since February 6th things have been a lot different. Enter into the world my first grandchild…LILY. 7 pounds 2 ounces… 1 foot 8 inches tall… of PURE joy. After 17 hours of labor (kinda like makin’ TURDUCKEN but much more painful) she burst onto the planet with a glass- breaking shriek and 30 seconds of a one-breath wail that would wake the dead.

Since then I’ve been cooking-up-a-storm… whenever I’m not taking pictIMG_9995ures of Lily.  Add a trip to the APPCA Chef Summit and CaterSource trade show in Las Vegas (not to worry… I brought lots of Lily pictures on my phone to show anyone I met… YEAH… I’m that guy) and some new ‘cook dates’ and I’ve been delinquent in the blogosphere.

NEXT TOPIC for blog: Could this recipe BE anymore confusing ? or Failure to Launch in the World of Poorly Written Recipes